Green Family Motors Mesa AZ,Used car dealer stole my car...and the cops won't do anything!!

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This dealer bends the law to the breaking point, without recourse...

Paid cash for the car and dealer said it passed emmissions, but when we went to title it, there was no emissions report. When confronted, he agreed to pick up the car and take it to inspection and return it,and convinced me to give him the title for inspection. When he failed to return hours later, we called and he said he would not return the car. He said it failed emissions and he was unwinding the deal. He would not return the car or refund the money.

After calls to the cops in Mesa, we were told that it was a civil matter and we woulod have to take him to court. After calls to the AIG's office, we were told that this happens all of the time, and it is his decision to keep the car.

He put a plate on the car from another vehile and never took it to inspection, ever!!

This is the worst behavior from a dealer I have ever seen

Review about: 1993 Honda.

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